Viktor (Isildur1) Blom Pages on Social Networks

Viktor Blom, aka Isildur1, is not a public person. He never posts all kinds of stuff on his social network accounts, nor blows around many tweets (like some politicians do). But he is still out there. Here are the links to his social networks and some other related accounts where you can find some useful info.

Viktor Blom’s Facebook page. There is not much to be seen on this page. You can enjoy a nice photo of Viktor Blom with a beautiful young lady – only one photo and nothing else. Try to friend him and maybe you would see more.

This Insta account is private. It is said to have only 13 posts and 17.1k followers, which is a very good “attention index.” Follow to see more.

This is Viktor Blom’s Instagram fanpage, claiming it is for everybody inspired by “the sharp mind and beautiful game” of Isildur1. There are many nice portrait photos of Viktor and a reference to his fansite (, with the hottest news and more information about him.

This is Viktor Blom’s Twitter. The account seems alive and kicking with 58.7k followers. At least Viktor is posting something there – some poker news, recent videos, etc. – although maybe not as often as his fans would like to see. Tune-in to stay updated.

Viktor’s Linkedin page is practically empty. There is nothing there, not even a photo. However, it states that Viktor Blom is a poker player at…Full Tilt! Imagine that! He has not played at Full Tilt for years.

You may also try Wikipedia. While there is only general information on the article page, with fairly well-presented details on his biography and achievements, you could switch to the “talk” section and enjoy a pretty diverse and extensive conversation on various topics related to Viktor. You may even join the small crowd on this talk page and make your own contribution. Just don’t expect to be answered soon – this page has had no new entries for years.

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